Reg's Top 12 Salmon for Summer Ideas

"G'day guys, so you're after some clever tricks to entertain ya mates this summer eh? Well me and my pal Al Brown have you sussed! Whether you're firing up the barby, entertaining friends or feeding the pups, here's my top 12 ideas (with help from my mates).

1. Al Brown's Smoked Summer Salad

This is my personal fave! Al cooked this up for us when I popped over recently and it went down an absolute treat. 

2. Manuka Honey & Soy Glazed Salmon 

This sounds a bit fancy but it's easy as! Chuck the portion in the oven, in a pan or my way on the BBQ. Serve it up with rice and veg or a nice salad. 

3. Soft Tacos

These aren't just for #tacotuesday, they are superb any day of the week. 

4. Smoked Salmon Croutes

Annabelle White cooked these up when she came down to visit me in Feb, think she might have made them for a bunch of foodies at the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival too. It looked pretty easy to make and tasted de-lish!

5. Mini Bagels

These are definitely on the Christmas menu in my 'neck of the rocks'. Al send us some bagels would you, we got a lot of snouts to feed! Have them on a cracker if you are gluten free!

6. Platters 

Can't get enough of these! Great way to showcase all the best bits (aka salmon) without too much prep time. Unna Burch from over the Straight puts on a lovely spread (below). 

7. Burgers

Another quick idea, who doesn't love a good burger? Regal's Salmon & Potato cakes are great for these. 

8. Al's Double Manuka Salmon with Citrus Mash & Apple Salsa Verde

Ok, now this one is a little special, Al has really out done himself. Who needs to go to a restaurant when you can have this at home!

9. Breakky

The way I like to start the day is with some yummy salmon! Good with eggs benny, in an omelette or suprise... on a bagel. 

10. Sliders

Ok, arugably the same as a burger but chefy mates like Al would disagree. Either way, I can't keep my flippers off these treats. 

11. Fush'n'Chups

Iconic Kiwi cuisine, I reckon it's better with salmon though.

12. Sashimi or Cured Salmon

Why even bother with all the other ingredients when you can enjoy this tucker! Make sure it's local Marlborough stuff and not the stuff from overseas so you know it's fresh. 

For more tips and banter visit me, @regtheseal on Instagram, until then I wish you and the whole colony a safe and happy holiday season!" - Reg 




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