The Secrets to our Manuka Smoked Salmon!

Manuka evokes nostalgia for childhood holidays where freshly caught fish was smoked over manuka woods and simple, but delicious food was enjoyed by all. It's a classic New Zealand wood that gives you a fantastic smoking result, perfect for salmon! Want to know how we get ours to taste so delicious? Our Master Smokers will tell you how...

"It all starts with high quality ingredients, sustainable and locally sourced, for the freshest result. Our salmon are born in the crystal waters of PupÅ« Springs near Golden Bay, when they are ready they are transferred to the breathtaking waters of the Marlborough Sounds. The deep, clear waters are perfect for raising King salmon and the result is a fish with beautiful colour, texture, flavour and essential omega 3s.

The marriage between manuka and our King salmon begins with our Manuka Smoked Salmon Slices. This product is cured with premium sea salt also from our Marlborough home, smoked at a low temperature with manuka wood and then sliced. With its vibrant colour and sea-salt aroma, each delicate sliver has a velvety texture which delights the palate and leaves a lingering, sweet smokiness.

The match continues with our Wood Roasted product, which is glazed with a manuka honey glaze from our local Marlborough friends, Taylor's Pass honey. The portions are then slowly roasted at a higher temperature over New Zealand manuka wood chips. The result is a fragrant fusion of sweet, smoky aromas with a luxuriously buttery taste that simply melts in your mouth."

Our other salmon is smoked with sustainable beech wood, and that gives a much loved result tooSmoked salmon is extremely versatile and can be used on its own when entertaining, in a bagel or sandwich or added to dish like pasta or pizza. For more recipe ideas click here. The Manuka Smoked Salmon Range can be found at your local New World or PAK'nSave today. 




Sussan Innis

| Oct 24

I love how you use the manuka honey and the slow cook over the beech wood. It reminds of are holidays when Dad caught the trout and smoked them over the manuka with his special recipe over them. Yum

Simonne Goodall

| Oct 23

This sounds so good

Kaori Manabe

| Oct 20

I like with cream cheese.

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