Creating the perfect platter

We love a platter and are constantly on the search for new and exciting ways to create something extra special. Grazing platters give guests the flexibility to pick and choose what and when they want to eat, the perfect no-fuss spread when entertaining. 

There are so many ways to create a beautiful platter, so, we have asked a few of our favourite foodies for their top tips. 


Vanessa Rehm - Food & Lifestyle blog

The secret to a great platter is to make sure there’s no ‘white space’ - fill every nook and cranny with enticingly delicious morsels and there’ll be nothing left to clean up! I love to mix fresh vegetables, silky rich salmon, homemade crackers, indulgent dips and creamy cheese, with sweet plump grapes to guarantee every palate is appeased. Pour your choice of beverage for a lazy afternoon platter, sit back with friends, chat away and your evening is made. Regal Pastrami & Wood Smoked Salmon in my dip are my go-to’s. 

Kelly Gibney - wholefood writer, stylist & photographer 

Platters are such a nice way to enjoy a relaxed lunch with my little family. The kids can run (or crawl) around as they like and eating with your hands is all good. We love them loaded with lots of good quality, wholesome ingredients and served with ice cold kombucha. Centre stage is my favourite Regal Salmon. Two of my favourite dips to partner this are a parsley and broccoli pesto and a roasted beetroot and walnut spread. Make sure there are lots of raw veggies to munch on and some delicious oatcakes.

Danijela Unkovich - Nutritionist

Rainbow platters loaded with dips, veggie sticks, crackers, nuts, fruit, olives, @regalsalmonnz smoked salmon, chickpeas, dark chocolate, and a few cheeses! My friends at Regal Salmon approached me to create my ultimate platter, and I think this is it! I love platters - they’re so much fun to eat, and are always a welcomed addition to any social’re bound to get a collective ‘oooooh’ when you place a loaded board in front of a crowd of hungry guests. When putting a platter together I think two things are key - firstly, go colourful! Colour is fun, and different colours are also indicative of different nutrients! Aim to include a variety of veggie sticks, fruits and dips to really make your board pop. Secondly 'less is more' does NOT apply to platters. Abundance really is the WOW factor - load it up and fill in the gaps with small items like berries or nuts - this will make your platter look like it's overflowing! The salmon I used here is cold-smoked and the pastrami slices - I adore salmon, as it’s delicious, as well as a great source on anti-inflammatory omega-3. This type of salmon is the variety of king salmon, famed for being a culinary superstar with its high oil content, which contributes to its buttery texture and flavour - the kind of salmon that melts in your mouth. It's also one of the most naturally rich sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are well-documented for their anti-inflammatory effects, and role in aiding brain, heart and joint health. Try making your own platter at your next social gathering - they’re loads of fun to whip up! 




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