Easter Activities For The Whole Family

Wow, can you believe it’s nearly Easter already?

Easter this year will be a little different from our ‘normal’ Easter holidays. We did think about creating a petition to postpone Easter 2020…but didn’t like our chances. Instead we decided to focus on delicious comfort food, and not just chocolate and hot cross buns!

So, we’ve chosen to share our favourite fresh Regal recipes with you to help make Easter that little bit special for you and your family. We’ve also got some great brunch recipes and some fun and simple ideas to help keep you and your family entertained. 

We know Easter is a time when many families come together or connect – so don’t let the current situation stop you, we just need to be a little more creative and connect by phone, Skype, Zoom or even House Party.

Step this Easter family time up a notch and task your kids or grandkids to learn the stories of your family members. Help them make a list of questions to use when you catch up, you’ll be amazed at the stories that come out!  They can even create a family tree and write stories from what they learned. To keep them busy for weeks, you can take the creative process further to make a family​ storybook.

Regal Salmon Brunch Inspiration 

Easter Sunday brunch is a must and can be tasty and healthy with our Regal salmon.

You can’t go wrong with our Regal Smoked Salmon Omelette.  For the ultimate brunch try our Regal Salmon with Crushed Potatoes and Chorizo recipe.

Special Regal Dinner Recipes

The Regal team had a chat and decided these are our favourite recipes for something just a bit special...

Pan fried Regal salmon with salsa verde, fondant potatoes and watercress apple salad.  If you haven't used fennel before, its a great, crisp addition to the salad, with a slight aniseed flavour.  And its in season right now!

Our second favourite option is Crispy skin Regal salmon with creamy cheesy polenta and lemon dressing.  Again, polenta might be a new addition to your cooking repertoire.  With the addition of parmesan cheese this makes a delicious flavoursome complement to the Regal salmon.


Must Try Easter Games

Extraordinary times cause for extraordinary games, so we have put a spin on these traditional Easter games. If your family doesn’t normally delve into Easter games, we implore you give these ones a try. Kids & adults won’t be disappointed.

The Not-So Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt doesn’t have to involve a scramble to the most chocolate possible!  Try these variations to make the fun last longer.

Make a trail around the house with folded notes on coloured notepaper.  On each note lists an activity such as “do the chicken dance” or “hoot like a chimpanzee” or “hop on one leg to the next note”.  At the end of the trail have a grand prize for completing all the activities – maybe an Easter egg?  Make each family member follow their trail one at a time so others in the family can enjoy the antics!

Buy small Easter eggs wrapped in different coloured foil.   Run an Easter egg hunt in the garden but assign each person a different coloured egg.  The person assigned ‘red eggs’ can only take the red eggs they find – they must leave any other coloured eggs.   This is a good one for ensuring no-one receives more than their egg quota and encourages family members to work together to help each other find the right coloured eggs. 

If it’s young children you’re trying to entertain, give each child a small basket to collect eggs. Lay out a little trail of miniature eggs from a starting point, placing the eggs at a close enough distance so that they can easily find the next one. At the end of the trail, put a larger egg or a small gift for reward. Just remember, the eggs don’t have to be chocolate either, use your imagination here.

The secret of a successful Easter Egg Hunt is to tailor it to the ages of the children involved. Children will enjoy the excitement of trying to find a particular set of objects rather than just hunting for eggs, so don’t feel limited by having to only offer something sweet.

Pass The Egg

Best to use a hard-boiled egg for this one!   Stand in a circle.  The first person tucks the egg between their chin and neck.  The game is simple: pass it to the next person and place it under their chin, without using hands.  See how far you can get. Give a forfeit task to the person who drops the egg. This one will be sure to end in lots of giggles and can keep going and going. Not a bad one for the adults to get involved in either.

Hot Potato

Best to do this one outside in the garden!  Stand in a small circle an equal distance apart. Toss a raw egg from one player to the next. Each time the egg is successfully caught around the circle, all players take a step backwards.  Keep going until the egg is dropped!


If you want to share your antics with us, we would love to see them! Share on your Facebook or Instagram and tag us so we can laugh with you or…at you.

Happy Easter everyone.  While these might be extraordinary times – remember to breath, connect and laugh.

Be Safe, Eat Well & Stay Home.




| Apr 10

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