How to pair wine with salmon

Smoked salmon

When raw salmon is cured by smoking, the flavours can vary from delicate and sweet to rich and smoky. The silk and rich textures of smoked salmon works a treat when paired with a glass of cold Champagne or good quality sparkling wine. Dry white wines work well with cured salmon, as does Rosé.


Raw salmon & sashimi 

Salmon sashimi, salmon tartare, salmon carpaccio are all dishes where fresh salmon is served raw with complementary accompaniments that highlight the natural delicacy and sweetness of the fish. The first and most obvious wine pairing choice for raw salmon dishes is white wine, Champagne or sparkling white wine. The textures and flavours of both the salmon and the wine, with bright bubbles and crisp fruit flavours, work in harmony to produce the perfect balance.


Oven-baked salmon

When baked, salmon’s flavours can intensify and sweeten, and if marinated, a caramelised crust can add even more flavour. This is where you can have some real fun with wine matching. The richer, smoky flavours of oven baked salmon work beautifully with light-bodied reds like Pinot Noir. Oven baked salmon is also an excellent partner for crisp, dry Rosé, rounded warm climate Chardonnay or flavoursome Pinot Gris. Other dishes such as salmon cakes with creamy dill sauce or parmesan-crusted pan-fried salmon prove a good match for warm, light reds or fuller-bodied whites.


Spicy Salmon

Asian-style dishes containing salmon, such as Thai chilli-glazed salmon, really shine when partnered with zingy, bright fruit-filled whites, or a crisp, dry Rosé. Even a fruity, grassy cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc provides a lovely foil to spiced, Asian salmon dishes.


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