Introducing Regal Epicurean

Here at Regal, our consumers tell us they would love to eat more salmon more often, but it needs to fit within their budget for weekly groceries. Regal’s Marlborough King salmon is farmed locally and we’re proud that we grow such tasty and nutritious salmon here in New Zealand. However, we’re excited to announce that we’re also introducing a complementary range of products that ensure our salmon lovers can enjoy their favourite protein more often. 

Introducing the Regal Epicurean range. Hot smoked Atlantic salmon from Norway, known for its high quality farmed salmon, cool, clear waters and strict environmental standards.  

As importing Atlantic salmon is a new venture for the Regal Team, we have created this Q&A blog to help explain what it's is all about. 

Why are we importing Atlantic salmon? 

At New Zealand King Salmon, the parent company of Regal Marlborough Salmon, a combination of increased demand for our world-class King salmon, along with limited capacity has unfortunately created a supply shortage. Quite simply, we can't keep up with demand!  

We are now taking steps to increase the supply of our premium New Zealand King salmon in the short, medium and long-term. Our vision is to farm King salmon locally to produce a low-impact, high-nutrition protein and contribute to a sustainable food future In the meantime, importing Atlantic salmon from Norway helps ensure our Kiwi consumers can still buy quality salmon at an affordable price. 

We also recognise that the retail price of our King salmon can be too high for some budget-conscious Kiwis, and we want to ensure Kiwi salmon lovers can enjoy their favourite protein more often, knowing it has the stamp of approval of New Zealand's best-loved salmon brand. 

Where is it being imported from? 

After an extensive sourcing selection process, New Zealand King Salmon has chosen a partner headquartered in Denmark where a large proportion of the world’s salmon is smoked. The fish is farmed in Norway, transported fresh to mainland Europe and processed in world-class facilities just across the Danish/German border in Germany.  

We’ve visited our partner and seen first-hand, their focus on end-to-end quality, which aligns perfectly with New Zealand King salmon’s award-winning food quality processes. 

Is this a temporary measure? 

We know that consumers want to make great food choices and King salmon’s scarcity makes this hard. We would like to see Kiwis eating the recommended 2-3 servings of fish every week and Regal Epicurean will help make this possible, now and into the future.   

What are the taste differences between King salmon and Atlantic salmon? 

King salmon generally has a higher fat content compared with Atlantic salmon. As a result, some people appreciate the light and mild eating experience with Atlantic salmon, whereas others will enjoy the rich texture and flavour of King salmon. 

What are the nutritional differences between King salmon and Atlantic salmon? 

When it comes to the good fats, long-chain omega-3s are the best.All salmon is naturally high in omega-3 essential fatty acids – polyunsaturated or 'good' fats that are one of the most nutritionally beneficial aspects of eating salmon, and play an important role in eye and brain health, along with pregnancy and early life development 

Is Atlantic salmon sustainably farmed? 

Our European production partner maintains the highest quality and sustainability certifications, just as New Zealand King Salmon does here in New Zealand.  

ISO accreditation is an important part of this, as is full certification/accreditation from the US Food and Drug Authority FDA. IFS (Food) is one of the worlds leading quality certifications and held by our partner, and the factory processes fish from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified farmers. All of these credentials demonstrate that our European sourced salmon is top-in-class for quality and sustainability -certificates are available on request.  

What about food miles – as it's coming from the other side of the world? 

The Atlantic salmon we have sourced is shipped by sea, a more efficient method of transport. 

When should I choose King salmon over Atlantic salmon? 

King salmon is the world's premium breed of salmon, with a superior taste, texture and colour to other salmon. The high-quality of King salmon is best used when its naturally luxurious flavour profile is the hero of the dish, including: 

  • any celebratory dish/recipe 

  • antipasto and  platters 

  • grilled, pan-fired or oven baked 

  • sushi or poke bowls 

  • canapes 

  • salmon gravlax  

The Regal Epicurean range of Atlantic salmon is more suited as an accompanying ingredient in pastas, pizza, pies, salads, dips, kids’ lunches or wraps. 

Why is Atlantic salmon sometimes cheaper than New Zealand King Salmon? 

While we’re working towards increasing our supply of New Zealand King Salmon, it does remain a relatively rare species, comprising less than 1% of the world's salmon. Atlantic is more plentiful and so less expensive to purchase for import and therefore to sell at the grocery store. 

How will Regal Epicurean be sold? 

The full range comes in three flavours – Natural, Lemon Pepper and Cajun – all hot smoked and in 125g packs, allowing a lower price point that means Kiwi salmon lovers can include more Regal salmon in their weekly shopping. 

Why have you called it Epicurean?  

Epicurean means having refined tastes, especially in food, and our new range references that not only because all Regal salmon fits that description but also because our team of taste experts are searching the world for only the best salmon that meets these criteria. 

What are the main differences between smoked King and Atlantic salmon? 


Regal King salmon 

Regal Epicurean salmon 


Bolder colour 

Richer flavour 

Moist, more delicate 

Slightly paler colour 

Less rich 

Firmer texture 


Sustainably farmed in NZ 

Meets strict NZ standards 

Sustainably farmed overseas 

Approved by our NZKS experts 

Best uses 

Celebratory dishes/recipes 

Antipasto and cold platters 


Pastas and pizza 

Pies and sandwiches  


If you have a question that has not been addressed in the blog, please email



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