Oven Ready - Behind the scenes of a product launch

We know that over 70% of New Zealanders don’t know what they are having for dinner at 4 pm*, we also know how difficult it is to make a last-minute dinner decision, which for us, can often end in eating something unhealthy and underwhelming.

Introducing, Regal Oven Ready! We wanted to create a product that was quick, easy, healthy, nutritious and most importantly tasty. We have spent years researching, which included asking you, our customers, lots of questions and here is what we discovered. 

-          You loved the convenience of a product being ‘oven ready’ with the bones removed.

-          You loved the risk being taken out – you wanted something that couldn’t be messed up.

-          You care about the environment and wanted a sustainable product with reusable or recyclable packaging.

-          You like that it included a sauce but didn’t want the sauce covering the salmon, you prefer it in a sachet.

-          You preferred a pack that included two servings.

The result? An oven ready product that has two 130g portions in a reusable, recyclable foil tray. We made sure that the salmon we used reflected your sustainability expectations #nosetotail. We also put the sauce in a sachet rather than covering the salmon in store, giving you the ability to use as little or as much sauce, as you wanted. 

Once we established what the product looked like, we set our sights on flavour development. It was very important to us that we create flavours that added to our salmon, striking the perfect balance between salmon and the glaze. To help us with this challenge we enlisted the help of seafood expert and chef, Al Brown. After a day in Al’s test kitchen, we settled on a smoked chilli, honey and lime glaze. This flavour combination is zesty with a spicy kick, great for those looking to impress with a well-balanced sauce. We also included two classic flavour sweet chilli and a manuka honey and soy glaze. 

The flavourful glazes and ease of use means Regal Oven Ready is an easy and delicious way to improve your wellness and reward your taste buds. Each serve is packed with not only omega-3’s but other essential minerals including vitamin D, selenium, iodine and zinc.  King Salmon contains some of the highest and most consistent levels of long-chain omega-3’s per serving than any other salmon or seafood.

This gives the time-poor a chance to take back time and make it easy for those who find cooking salmon a daunting task. Simply drizzle the sauce over the salmon, pop in the oven and bake for 15 minutes before serving.

The tasty and nutritious meal-time solution was launched as an answer to a daily issue faced across New Zealand. People are also increasingly short on time or not keen home-chefs. These insights demonstrate the need for an easy to prepare, home-made mealtime solution. Oven Ready can be used to create a gourmet meal, or a quick alternative to takeaways.

For meal inspirations visit www.regalsalom.co.nz/recipes/oven-ready

Now available at your local Countdown.



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