How to add more Omega 3 to your diet.

We all know how important Omega 3 is to our health, and oily fish such as King Salmon is a great way to add it to your diet. To help increase the amount of salmon you are eating, we have put together five recipes where you can easily switch the protein to salmon. Omega 3 is considered an essential fatty acid, necessary for human health, which the body cannot product itself. Which means we need to make a conscious effort to eat more foods high in Omega 3.

Here are five easy protein swaps to increase your salmon intake. 

The Burger

Swap your traditional beef patty for Regal wood roasted salmon. These burgers are ready in under 15mins and taste divine. 

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Grazing Platter 

Swap salami or cold cuts for cold smoked salmon. Cold smoked salmon is the perfect finger food, its decadent taste and texture adds elegance to any platter. 

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Upgrade your tacos, try a salmon and avocado as an alternative to chicken or mice. This is our favourite summer sandwich, you can’t go wrong with salmon and avocado. 

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Fish and Chips

Try your hand at making your own fish & chips, swap white fish for fresh King Salmon for an Omega 3 hit.

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Eggs and Salmon are perfectly matched. Add smoked salmon to an omelette, scrambled eggs or eggs benedict. If you are having breakfast out, ask if they serve New Zealand King Salmon and add it to your order. 

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