Regal Salmon with pea shoot & pumpkin seed pesto - Laura Vincent

Difficulty: Easy 
Serves: 6  
Preparation time: 12 mins  


1 x 200g Regal Manuka Smoked Salmon Pack

2 cups loosley packed pea shoots

1 cup pumpkin seeds

3 Tbsp olive oil

1 lime

A pinch of cumin

A pinch of salt

Bread or crackers to serve


Slice the salmon into smaller pieces if you like, and arrange on a serving plate. Squeeze over the juice of half a lime.

Toast the punpkin seeds in a pan over a low heat until lightly browned.

Throw the pumpkin seeds into a food processor with the pea shoots and blend, scraping down the sides often, until it's all quite well pulverised. Then continue to process while you pour in olive oil (at least 3 tablespoons but as much as you like) until it has been blitzed into a pesto-like mixture.

Add the cumin, the juice of half a lime, and the salt then pulse to mix.

Transfer the lot into a small bowl and sit on the serving plate with the salmon.

Sprinkle over more pumpkin seeds and pea shoots to garnish, if you like.

Serve with plenty of bread or crackers.


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