The finest salmon nature has to offer

The New Zealand King Salmon species of salmon that we use has a wonderfully rich, full flavour and a deep red/orange flesh colour. Regal Salmon is quick, versatile and easy to prepare no matter which product you choose.

Regal Salmon is available in a wide variety of cuts and styles to suit every occasion. The range includes wood roasted, cold smoked and manuka smoked salmon, fresh whole salmon, fillets, fresh cuts and smoked salmon & potato cakes.

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The Regal Wood Roasted Salmon range is slowly roasted over aromatic beech wood, either au natural or with a subtle flavouring. Our Regal Wood Roasted Salmon has a fragrant fusion of smoky aromas and sea salt, with a luxuriously buttery taste. The golden exterior of the salmon flakes easily to reveal a soft orange-pink hue that characterises the rustic nature of this product. Regal Wood Roasted Salmon is a delight to eat hot or cold, on its own or in pasta or salad dishes.

Regal Wood Roasted Salmon

Wood Roasted (Hot Smoked) Salmon refers to the high temperature at which the salmon fillets are smoked after the curing process. The salmon is not spicy hot, but has a cooked flavour and texture and is sold in fillet portions.

Wood Roasted Salmon can be easily broken into chunks perfect for the ultimate salad or pasta-style dish. Regal Wood Roasted Salmon is available in five flavours:

  • Sweet Chilli, Lime & Mint
A fresh summery flavour inspired by the Thai Larb dish.
  • Natural

Naturally delicious Wood Roasted King Salmon.
  • Mixed Pepper & Spices
Coated with a delicious blend of rosen paprika, ground black peppercorns, other mixed crushed spices and chopped herbs before drying and smoking.
  • Lemon & Herb
A subtle, aromatic infusion which complements the salmon beautifully.
  • Sundried Tomato & Basil
An intense burst of flavour leaving a fragrant long-lasting impression on your palate.
  • Double Manuka
    Glazed with Manuka Honey then smoked over Manuka woods.

Regal Wood Roasted Salmon is available in 200g portions or as a whole side (Mixed Pepper & Spices or Natural).


Regal Salmon Nibbles

If you are looking for fresh and easy ideas for summer entertaining, these delicious, nutritious and ready-to-eat smoked salmon nibbles are ideal as a snack or appetiser. Enjoy Regal Salmon Nibbles as an entrée or in a fresh citrus summer salad. Regal Nibbles are available in two flavours:

  • Salsa 200g & 500g
  • Natural 500g